Howdy, I’m Perry

…and I love to write!

I’ve been around the block, a few times, traveled the world, spent 16 years as a United States Marine, another 16+ working with companies large and small as a Hardware and a Software guy. I have life experience and I love to write about it.

Take a look at my work and if you like it I would love to hear from you!

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Perry Hurtt

This is me

…in case you were wondering.

16 years as a US Marine, 16+ years in Corporate America, 3 years in Startup land – and a lifelong focus on creativity, professionalism and expertise in what I do.

Husband, father, dog rescuer, lover of Scotch, lover of craft beers, chocolate aficionado.


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published articles across the internet


words written

My writing – some paid & some not. Every word in every item below is 100% written by yours truly.

Books on Amazon - ...cuz I always wanted to say I have books published on Amazon!

Title Word Count / Pages

Machiavelli’s Harvest

My first full length fiction book

120,450 / 374 Pages

Survive and Thrive in Corporate America during the Zombie Apocalypse

…cuz we all need to laugh a bit every now and then

10,799 / 33 Pages

Marine Corps Leadership

…sharing some thoughts

14,871 / 63 Pages

$60K Jobs – The UNIX Administrator

Book 1 in the $60K series

31,992 / 103 Pages

$60K Jobs – The Auto Sales Professional

Book 2 in the $60K series

16,932 / 54 Pages

$60K Jobs – The Bartender

Book 3 in the $60K series

20,999 / 64 Pages

Here is a list of things I can do…maybe I can help?

Product Management

Current position is as Product Manager at QTS – very cool job.

Prior position was as Senior Product Manager at the best company in the world – BetterCloud

In a previous life, I also spent time in Corporate America as Senior Principle Product Manager at CA and Arcserve

Online Presence

I help a surprising number of companies manage their online presence.  Although creating and managing websites is a byproduct of this, the primary effort is around elevating or at least sustaining my customers Google Rankings so their prospective customers can find them (instead of their competition!).  My website…my alternate identity…is SnugData

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